Stripe is our payment system and it's mandatory to connect with it to join us. Read more about it: Is it mandatory to connect with Stripe?

Although Stripe is a separate company, we are making tutorials to make it easier for our users to connect to Stripe. But once you're having problems in this specific part of the register you should first check if your problem is listed here:

Can't find my country in "Where are you based? Section" ===> Is my country supported by Stripe?.

Can't change my "business website" ===> Actually you can't change it, please keep it as it is (

Can't find my business description! ===> Try "Education" first of all.

I don't know that type of business it is ===> Try "professor" or "freelancer".

My company's name isn't working! ===> You can fill that information later, actually.
See more Do I need to have a company registered to connect with Stripe?

They don't accept my name! What should I do? ===> Are you typing it correctly? Check if there is any typo. Are you writing your full name as it is on your National ID?

My National ID number doesn't work! What should I do? ===> Make sure you're typing correctly. Make sure that your document complies with your country's law. If everything is on order and it still won't work, contact Stripe's Support

My Home Adress is not being recognized! ===> First, check for typos.

What is my statement descriptor? ===> let it default as and then put your own mobile number as support phone number.

What should I put on "support phone number"? ===> You should put your own mobile number.

I'm having problems with my bank details! ===> Make sure all your info is correct.

I'm having problems with my two-step authentication! ===>You should type your correct mobile number or use an app as Google authenticator. See more about it on: Two-Step Authentication on Stripe

I'm having problems saving my Stripe account! ===> Make sure that your e-mail address is correct, make sure that it isn't blocked or deleted. Choose a strong password.

None of the options above helped me! What should I do?

If you're facing problems connecting to Stripe, you should contact Stripe's Support: click here

Or check this article: How to contact Stripe's Support
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