How to search for tutors

The Discovery Page will take you to the tutor search page. This page is described in Fig 1. and Fig 2.

Fig. 1. Find your tutor page

Here you can choose the order in which teachers will appear: Sort by positive reviews or Sort by newest.

Fig. 2. Find tutors using filters

You can also choose the filters you want, such as:

Search by subject - you can add more than one desired subject

Language of the classes - choose in which language you want to learn (you have the option to choose native speakers)

Add location of classes - options between online only or in person too

Prices - choose the desired price range per hour / lesson and the desired currency

Audiences - the preferred audience that the teacher is used to teaching, can choose between children, teenagers, adults, seniors and business

Availability - mark the desired days of the week for class and also the periods (nights, mornings, afternoons and evenings)

The list of teachers will appear with the name, the photo, the subjects taught, the summary of current availability and a button to go to the profile of the chosen tutor.

The following example uses filters to search for a French tutor:

Fig. 3. Example of using filters to search for a French tutor

Now, you can also search by name as you can see in Fig. 4.

Fig. 4. Search by name

You can put their name, surname and you can find them even with some typos.

Fig. 5. Search by name: examples of results

If you already know the tutor, ask him for his public profile link or ask him to invite you by email inside the platform. This may be easier.
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