How to search for tutors

The new homepage (described in Fig 1) will take you to the tutor search page (as you see in Fig. 2). Type which subject you want to learn or choose between the ones we've displayed for you.

Fig. 1. New homepage

Now we have the horizontal list of active tutors as you can see in Fig 2 and 3. Active tutors will be more likely to be responsive and avoid cancellations of discovery lesson bookings.

🟢 Green circle: Last activity in the last 24h

🟠 Orange circle: Last activity between 24 and 36 hours ago

Fig. 2. Tutor whose last activity was up to 24h ago

Fig. 3. Tutors whose last acvity was between 24 and 36 hours ago

You can select a subject from our database typing some letters or you can search the tutor by name. you can also sort by "most loved" or "newest tutor".

Fig. 4. Search by subject or by name

You can also choose the filters you want, such as:

Language of lesson - choose in which language you want to learn (you have the option to choose native speakers)

Location - options between online or in person

Audiences - the preferred audience that the tutor is used to teach, you can choose between children, teenagers, adults, seniors and business

Price - choose the desired price range per hour / lesson and the desired currency

Fig. 5. Filters

If you're logged out or do not have a account or already done 3 discovery lessons, you will only see the blue button and the option of buy a package. If you're still not sure about the tutor and want to try another tutors, please contact our support. You'll see this button too if you already had a discovery lesson with that tutor.

Fig. 6. If you're logged out or do not have any free discovery lesson, the buttom will be blue

If you're logged in or you still have up to 3 discovery lesson booking requests, you'll see the green button and will be able to book a discovery lesson for free to get to knoe better our tutor.

Fig. 7. If you're logged in and have less than 3 discovery lessons booked the button will be green

What parameter you should analyze from the tutors?

We display 3 informations about tutors: number of hours of given lessons (🕒), number of good evalutions (❤️) and number of recommendations(🗨️):

🕒 - number of hours of lessons given and confirmed in our Student's profile section (the tutor must confirm the presence of the student, but the tutor can choose to not use this feature and make his own follow up of his lessons/students)

❤️ - number of "good evaluations" given from students after confirmed lessons end. When the confirmed booked lesson ends, the student will receive an email to evaluate his/her tutor between ❤️ and 💔

🗨️ - number of recommendations from former/current students and co workers. The tutor can ask for recommendations by sending his/her personal link to others.

In our marketplace we rank tutors by (in this exactly order):
number of recommendations (speech bubble 🗨️)
number of good evaluations (heart ❤️)

Fig. 8. What parameters should I analyze to choose a good teacher

As you can also see in figure 8, when tutors have videos you can watch then in the same page. We encourage them to post videos to talk about themselves, introduce their methods and experiences.

After clicking on "buy package" (if you're sure), check this article to see the step by step: [How to buy packages - FOR STUDENTS]

After clicking on "book discovery lesson", follow the steps of this article: [How to book Discovery Lesson For Students]

If you're still unsure about the options of tutors, you can always contac our support team by the bubble chat or by email ( or

If you already know the tutor, ask him for his invitation link or ask him to invite you by email inside the platform. This may be easier.

Tutorial to find a tutor by subject - Buy a package - Book Lessons
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