Tutors can choose whether to offer classes only online or in person. To change the settings, go to "Classes" and then click "Locations".
For online classes, add your Skype name (Skype ID) or your personal Zoom meeting link. The email used in the Zoom registration is not valid. If you don't know where to find this link or what link it is, just click on the link below:
How to find your personal Zoom link
After typing, select one of the options as the primary (this option will appear to the student).

If you type your zoom link with the password, then no student will need to write it to enter


Fig. 1. Where can I set up my locations? - Online Locations

For in person classes, you have the options:
Private address - which can be the student's or tutor's home;
Public address - covering libraries, cultural centers or cafes

You can use Google Maps for private or public adress. Remember to be specific.

Fig. 2. Locations in person - private locations

You can also limit the neighborhoods or cities served, to make it easier for you.

Fig. 3. Public locations/ accepted student locations
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