After the sign up flow, you'll need to:
have 1 active package (from an approved subject)
have your profile approved
be connected to Stripe

To make sure your profile gets approved, we recommend reading these articles:
How to receive online payments
How to appear in the public search

How to rank higher?

In our marketplace we rank tutors by:
number of recommendations (speech bubble 🗨️)
number of good evaluations (heart ❤️)

Fig. 1. Ranking tutors
In order to get more recommendations, read this article:
How to ask for recommendations

How to get good evaluations?

After your confirmed lesson is over, the student receives an email to evaluate the lesson. Remind your students to check them out in order to get hearts!

How can I appear in the horizontal list?

As you can see in Fig. 2., there is a horizontal list of tutors in our marketplace's page. In this list, alongside the tutor's photo, there are green and orange circles.

Fig. 2. Horizontal list

🟢 Green circle: Last activity in the last 24h

🟠 Orange circle: Last activity between 24 and 36 hours ago

What does it mean?
It means that tutors who are more frequently active in our platform have more chances to appear in our public search. This helps students to connect with responsive tutors and decreases the chance of cancellations.

Suggestions to boost your profile

As you can see in Fig. 1., tutors who have videos will have their videos displayed. According to our data, profiles that have videos get way more views than the ones that do not.
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