We are always looking for new ways to improve your experience, and this time we put our focus on how to make the payment process for our tutors be easier and involve the tutors more into how they receive their money.

How does it work?

The new payment system is super simple and it works on the basis of credits. These credits serve as a 'payout' for our tutors, where they can transfer their money to their bank account with two simple steps by accessing My Account > Credits.

Fig. 1. Credits & Information

Step 1: Fill out your information:

Fig. 2. Information Required.

Fig. 3. Information Required.

Important: SWIFT & IBAN code needed for this payout proccess.

Step 2: How to make payout:

When you have registered your bank information you will be able to see an amount in your Credits. This value equates to the money the tutor has received from their lessons here on the platform.

Fig. 4. Credit Amount.

After registering you can manually make your payouts whenever you want. All you need to do is add the amount you'd like to transfer (payouts must be above R$30) and the money should be in your account in at least 3 working days.

Fig. 5. How to make payouts.

This means that the tutor has complete control of how often and how much they wish to realise payouts into their accounts.

Once you add the amount and press okay you will receive this confirmation message.

Fig. 6. Payout confirmation message

Reminder: There are two fees with the new payout method. One applied on payments (what is called “processing fee”), that depends on the payment method used and the amount being paid, and on payouts, which depends on the type of bank transfer that will be performed. For Brazilian users via SWIFT, it is 5 USD.

For payments (student paying tutor), the fee is 3% + $0,5 (and tutors can choose if the student will pay for this fee).

All payments on Tutor.id are securely processed by AirWallex, our payment partner. Currently, only accepts credit cards like Visa and Mastercard .

Now you are all caught up with our new payout method we hope that you have everything you need to help you with this proccess.

Good luck and if you have any question please contact our support team!
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