Tutor.id charges a service fee of 15% for the purpose of maintaining the platform and marketing our tutors.

The fee, however, is reduced for tutors with a subscription plan:

Lite plan: 12.5%
Premium Plan: 10%

Keep in mind that tutors pay 0% fee for any invited students.

How does it work?

The tutor must invite the student by e-mail or send a personal invitation link.

How to invite students

However, attention : the fee is only 0% when the student signs up through the link. If the student signs up directly with Tutor.id, we cannot track and associate the student to a tutor. Please clarify this to students your are inviting. Otherwise, the service fee is charged normally.

Refunds the tutor if the student does not register via an invitation link is solely at Tutor.id's discretion.
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