We have prepared a short summary of all fees involved in the platform.

How much is the registration fee?

Registration on the platform is free, both for teachers and students.

What are the fees charged for the service?

When students purchase lessons from tutors, our payment system provider (Stripe) charges a fee per transaction, each fee varies per country.
To check the full list, visit Stripe Pricing

Tutor.id service fee for tutors is 15% per successful transaction.

NB! The Tutor.id platform charges 15% per booking , but the charge is temporarily suspended until further information due to COVID-19.

Premium Subscription - our Software as a Service to help tutors manage their businesses

Teachers have the possibility to purchase Premium subscription for EUR 29,90 / month, with many advantages. Please check what are the advantages of being a Premium tutor here.

For tutors: For more details about Stripe, please also see the article Is it mandatory to connect with Stripe?
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