Our database continues to grow, so the addition of new subjects is always welcome!

How can I add a subject?

You can add a course after you have completed and approved the profile. In the future you will be able to add it during the registration process as well.

Read this article to find out where and how to add subjects: How do I change my classes' info?

When adding a subject that does not yet exist in our database, you will be notified, as shown in figure 1.

Fig. 1. Creating a new subject that does not exist in our database

What happens after adding a subject that is not yet in the database?

This newly created story will not have the standard packages created automatically (1 and 3 hour packages). It will be sent to our operations team who will:
Evaluate the subject name and correct spelling/checking for typos
Check if there is no similar subject in the database that can be paired
Assess the possible relationship with other subjects (for example specific subjects within the same discipline)

Fig. 2. Subject in the public profile before approval

After the subject is approved, the packages will be created automatically and displayed in the public profile of the teacher. The evaluation of the courses can take from 1 week to 10 days, depending on the demand.

Fig. 3. Subject in the public profile after approval
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