In order to register as a tutor on and have your profile visible in our public search, you must complete your tutor profile and send it to approval to our team.

How does the profile approval work?

When you submit your profile, team will review it so you can appear on the public search.

If the profile is good enough -> Success! We will grant you a verified stamp and you will be visible on the public search.

If the profile still needs some changes -> We will ask you to submit again with the suggested changes.

What are the requirements to submit your profile and appear on the public search?

Connect with Stripe
Add relevant work experience or relevant education
Verify your email address
Add a professional profile picture
Add availabilities
Add Subject (minimum 1)
Add Skype ID

How to make the public profile even more attractive for students?

It is not mandatory, but if you want to increase your chances to get bookings, please add:

A personal video about you (if you are teaching online, that gives a good grasp to your student about your didactic and personality)
Certificates (with PDF proof)

How can you boost your ranking in the platform?

Invite your previous students to the platform to write recommendations about you.
Ask your students to review your lessons (after each lesson your students will receive an email, and all they need to do is to click a heart if they like the lesson, or a broken heart if they don't).
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