How to ask for recommendations?

In the "Profile" tab, click "Recommendations" and then "Get recommendations". In the Recommendations section there will be all your recommendations already sent. You can remove the ones you want.

Fig. 1. How to ask for recommendations

A shareable link to copy will appear. You should ask for recommendations from alumni, current students and / or tutors / co-workers. You cannot recommend yourself.

Fig. 2. Copy link

How the login page looks like for people to recommend me?

The link will take you to a page with a text box. The person who will recommend you should write a short text telling about your skills that make you a good tutor.

Fig. 3. Recommendation page

It is necessary that the person identifies himself to make the recommendation. You do not need to be a user, but if you are, it would be better if you recommend while logged in. It is also possible to identify yourself using the facebook login. If you do not have any registration, the person can also identify himself with his/her name, surname and e-mail.

Fig. 4. Identify yourself
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