For students who already have the access link to the tutor's public profile or have already chosen a teacher via the Discovery page (here) the page will appear like this, as in figure 1.

Click on "Book Discovery Lesson". If you already had 3 discovery lessons, then you won't be able to book and should contact our support.

Fig. 1. How to book a Discovery Lesson

After clicking, if you are logged in, you will go directly to our booking flow. Check this article for more details: [How to book lessons - FOR STUDENTS]

If you are new to, you'll see this page in figure 2. Put your email adress then we'll create an account for you.

Fig. 2. Put your correct email adress and we will create an account for you!

We'll also send you an email so you can set your password as you can see in figure 3. It is important to type your email correctly, also be aware of the need for adulthood (if you're under 21 years old for most countries).

Fig. 3. "Set your password" email

After the brief registration, you will be redirected to the page to choose the available day and time of the tutor to schedule your demo class. Choose a day and time and click "Continue".

Fig. 4. Choosing the time

After choosing the time, just choose one of the locations provided by the teacher. In the example it is only possible to schedule online classes, but other options will appear depending on the choice of the tutor.
When choosing the option "Online" it is mandatory that the student provide the correct "Skype name" or "skype id" so that the tutor can identify him and add him as a contact form.
There is no obligation to use the Skype platform for class, it is just a way to establish contact between student and tutor. You can put your e-mail instead.

Fig. 5. Selecting the location

After choosing the day, time and location, you will be taken to the confirmation page. Click on "Schedule lessons" for confirmation.

Fig. 6 Confirmation of scheduling details

After confirming, this page will be displayed and student and tutor will be notified by scheduling on the platform and by email. The tutor will receive a notification to confirm the appointment. When the schedule is confirmed, the student will also receive notification. Note that you can only have one Discovery Lesson with each tutor.

Fig. 7. Confirmation

Canceling a scheduled Discovery Lesson

After confirmation, you can check the lesson in the calendar with the details. You still have the option to "Cancel lesson" if you notice any errors or need to reschedule.

Fig. 8. Your calendar

After clicking on "Cancel lesson" a page will open to confirm the request with options of "Cancel & notify" and "No & return" to avoid cancellations by mistake.

Fig. 9 Cancelling the lesson

Whenever you schedule or cancel a class, the tutor will be notified and this will be recorded. Recalling that the cancellation of the Discovery lesson also obeys the booking and cancellation options of tutor's policy that is presented in his public profile, as explained in How to change booking settings?

Fig. 10. Tutor's notifications
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