Now students can allow tutors to book lesson in their behalf from their lesson packages.

If your student bought a package and allowed you to book for him/her, you'll be able to book for them without charging as an extra lesson. Go to Classes and then to My students tab. If you're allowed you'll see "Book lessons" as it's shown in fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Where to book lessons from lesson packages?

When you click on "Book lessons" this page (fig. 2) will appear where you can first select the duration of the lesson (you can choose the options in your Bookings policy if you're Premium subscribed - Read more: How to change booking settings)

Fig. 2. Choose the duration of the lesson

Then you can choose the date (day and month) and the start time of the lesson as shown in fig. 3.

Fig. 3. Choose the date and the start time

Choose the location of the lesson. For online there are two options: Skype or Zoom and you can choose the main software and can be public or private locations as well. It all depends on your booking settings.

Fig. 4. Choose the location

And then you can review the details and confirm.

Fig. 5. Review and confirm

If everything is fine, you'll see this screen:

Fig. 6. Success Confirmation

Bookings made by the tutor are automatically confirmed

The student will be notified and then notified again 2h before the lesson start time.
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