If you have purchased a class package (article link) or already have an active package, you can click on "Book lessons" either in the "My tutors" tab or through the package alert on your homepage (calendar). Figure 1 shows where to click through the "Calendar" and figure 2 shows through the "Classes" tab and then "My Tutors"

Fig. 1. Where to start booking in my calendar

In the "My Tutors" tab you can select the "Allow tutors to book on my behalf" box. Or you can click on "Schedule lessons"

Fig. 2. Where to click to schedule classes or authorize scheduling

Regardless of the path you choose to book lessons, you will be taken to the page in figure 3, where you will choose the duration of the lesson (pre-arranged with your tutor).

Fig. 3. Choose the duration of your lesson

After that, select the desired day and time from those offered (according to your tutor's availability schedule). You can schedule more than one class at a time.

Fig. 4. Choose the date and time

Select the class location. In the example you are Online (skype) and will ask for your Skype name. But it can be Online (Zoom) and you will have your tutor's Zoom link. Or the in person location (private or public). It all depends on your tutor's preferences. Read more here: How to change booking settings

Fig. 5. Choose a location

Confirm the scheduling data before proceeding.

Fig. 6. Checking your booking's information

By selecting "Book lessons" you will confirm and the confirmation page will appear. If you didn't make it to this step while booking, your lesson was not booked.
The tutor will receive an alert of the booking request by the platform and by email. Then, the tutor will need to confirm theses bookings within 2 days. Be careful with your tutor's booking policy. Some do not allow bookings less than 24 hours in advance.

Fig. 7. Booking confirmation

After the lessons are confirmed, you will be notified on the day of the lesson, 2 hours before, by email and by the platform.
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