After choosing a tutor in the public search (if you do not know how to do that: [How can I search for tutors? For students]) you can book a Discovery Lesson ([How to book Discovery Lesson For Students]) or you can choose which package to purchase.

You can also get the direct checkout link from your tutor.
If you're not connected yet to the platform, you'll have to signup first.

Fig. 1. Choose a package of interest

After selecting the package, click on "buy now" and you will be directed to the checkout page as shown in figure 2. Enter your data. If you have a valid discount coupon code, enter it before completing your purchase. Choose the number of desired installments, if the package allows this option. After everything has been entered and confirmed, click on "Confirm and pay".

You can be directed to checkout page if your tutor send you a link (if your package is private) or if they want to invite you to the platform. We recommend them to invite you before sending any checkout link or we'll won't be able to check if you're already their student or if you've found them in our public search.

Fig. 2. Package's checkout page

This page in figure 3 confirms the success of the operation when you make a purchase.

Fig. 3. Purchase operation success

If you click on "Start booking lessons" you will be taken to the scheduling page. You can check the procedures in the article [How to book lessons - FOR STUDENTS]
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