How can I create a coupon?

Now we have the new COUPONS feature!
Tutors can create discount coupons for students to use when purchasing lesson packages.
Access the new tab under "Lessons" and "My coupons".

Fig. 1. Where do I create a coupon?

After clicking on "Create new coupon", the tab will appear where you can choose:
Coupon Code - (please, avoid symbols as non-alpha-numeric digits)
Coupon description
Discount percentage
Valid until
Which package of lessons will be valid or will be valid for all

Fig. 2. Creating a coupon

After setting the options, click "Create" and your coupon will appear in the "My coupons" tab as shown.

Fig. 3. Created coupon in "My coupons" tab

By clicking on "view coupon" you will have access to all the information of the created coupon and you can click on "cancel" too, if you wanted to cancel.

Fig. 4. Coupon's information

When clicking on "cancel", the platform will ask if you are sure, to avoid accidentally deleting it. Upon confirming the coupon, it will be canceled and deleted from the tab.

Fig. 5. Do you really want to cancel?

How will the student use the coupon?

On the package checkout page, there is a "coupon" space where the student can enter the coupon code to obtain the discount.

Fig. 6. Using the coupon

After clicking "Add", the discount is applied.

Fig. 7. Discount applied
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