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Where can I create courses?

First, you should be able to locate where courses menu is: on your profile, select "Classes" and "My courses", then click on "Create a Course".

Fig. 1. Where can I find courses menu?

How to create courses?

This tab will appear where you can choose your course's name and course's period (you can select from 1 month to 12 months).
After that, you can choose the "price per month", where the "charging day" is the date that the course is confirmed. If a student cancels his payments before the next charging day, then he won't be charged at all.
"Card payment" is through Stripe system (recommended) and "Others" is for tutors to choose and won't be related to the platform, so it's tutors' responsability for charging their students. By "Others" can mean bank transfers, checks, payment slips or even for free.
This cancellation policy is written by the tutor and when the student confirms it, it means that he has accepted those terms.

Fig. 2. Creating a course - part 1

Example of Cancellation Policy for Courses
Tutor may cancel classes until 12h befores the original scheduled date. Students have to confirm each booking within 24h before classes

One important "additional clause" is that the tutor is responsible for all bookings inside the platform. Any additional clause should be written here.

Fig. 3. Creating a course - part 2

Then, you should be aware that your course is compliant to Consumer Protection law of your country, you should check this box before you can continue. A tab will appear to explain this and you can click on the link in "here" word that'll redirect you to your country's consumer protection law.

Fig. 4. Is your course compliant to Consumer Protection Law?

Then you should be aware of payments terms, specially if you have chosen "Others" as payment option.

Fig, 5. Do you agree with this payments terms?

Finally you can create a course that will appear on your "My courses" tab, where you can edit, invite students, book lessons, cancel course or confirm it.

Fig. 6. Where my created courses will be located?
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