The packages exist to make life easier for the student and the tutor. They consist of the number of hours / class that are offered, usually with some promotional discount.

What do these packages offer?

All subscriptions can create at least 1 customized package. As you create, you can:

Customize the number of hours
Customize the duration of the package
Customize the maximum number of installments
Customize cancellation policies
Add contractual clauses
Choose to publish on the public page or broadcast only to one student
Unique link leading to checkout (purchase confirmation)

Free Plan subscribers can only create 1 active customized package.
Lite Plan Subscribers can create up to 5 active customized package.
Premium subscribers have no limit of package creation. They can also choose which package that will be visible in their public profiles, or hide default packages (1 and 3 hours for updated subjects or 1-4-8-12 hours for non updated subjects).

Where can I find my packages?

In "Classes", in the "My Packages" tab. There are some pre-assembled packages to be offered. Only Premium users can create and customize packages.

How to create a custom package?

To create a new package, click on "Create new package" and the tab shown in Fig. 1 will appear where all items can be modified.

Select the desired subject
Enter the number of hours offered (for example: 80 hours)
The system will then calculate the total amount in respective currency of your location (e.g. € for EuroZone)
Enter a new total amount (just numbers!)
The system will automatically calculate the discount given (in%)
Select the validity of the package (1)
Choose the maximum number of installments
Set your cancellation policy (2)
Define additional clauses (3)

Fig. 1. Package creation tab

After the package is assembled, the premium tutor will also be able to choose whether the package will be public or private (Fig. 2.), that is, if only students with the link will have access to this promotional package. This link will appear to the student as shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 2. Private or Public Options of Packages

Fig. 3. Private Package Page

How to choose the validity of the package? (1)

It all depends on the number of hours chosen. For packages of 80 hours it is recommended that the validity is at least 12 months. For smaller packages, for example 10 hours, the validity can vary from 1 to 3 months. When the validity expires, the student will no longer be able to schedule classes on the calendar, so the teacher and the student must be aware of the validity of the package.

How do I set my cancellation policy? (2)

The cancellation policy is defined by the tutor when creating the lesson package. It must be in clear and precise language. We can use the following text as an example:

Cancellation of classes up to 12h before, otherwise it will be considered as a given class and will be subtracted from the purchased package.
The student has up to 12 months to use this package. When the term expires, you will not be able to schedule classes. Unannounced delays will be subtracted from the duration of the lesson. Delays of more than 15 minutes will be considered as absences and the class cannot be rescheduled

When purchasing the package the student legally agrees with the contract and must be aware of the terms and consequences.

How do I define my additional clauses? (3)

Here it must be said what could not be included in the cancellation policy. It may be related to the student's commitment, rules on grades or access to materials.

Once you create a package you can't edit it. You can only choose to delete it or make it private (only the ones with the link can access it).

Video Tutorial

To further clarify the package creation process, watch the video:

How does the installment plan work?

When the tutor chooses the new promotional value of the package, he can also choose the maximum number of installments. When the student signs the package, it will work as recurring installments , that is, that will not affect the maximum limit of the card , but that the agreed amount will be charged monthly until the package ends. When the package ends, payments also cease.
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