Stripe is a payment system available on for tutors. It's mandatory to register if you intend to get paid for your classes or get a public profile.
For security reasons, Stripe has a system called Two-Step Authentication, which is commonly used in Facebook Apps. It consists of a code that is sent to your mobile to authentify your data as shown in Fig.1.

Fig. 1. Two-step authentication

If your mobile number is wrong, you won't get the code and if you type the wrong code, it won't work either. So, make sure that all your data is correct, as shown in Fig.2. You'll receive a 6 number code as text.

Fig. 2. Example of the system verifying a mobile number

This could also be executed by an app, as Google Authenticator (free app) that identifies a QR code as shown in Fig. 3. But you'll have to download and install it, preferably with a Google account.

Fig.3. QR Code Example and Google Authenticator App

Remember that in order to get approved in profile verification, you need to be connected to Stripe, so this step is crucial.

How to contact Stripe's Support
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