After creating a custom package, it will be available for purchase. Find out more here: How to create packages

After purchasing the package, the student or tutor (when authorized) can schedule the lessons of the packages.
How to book for my student

As we know that unforeseen events happen, the package can often expire (expiration date) without the student having used all the hours that were bought. Or, for some reason, the tutor / student could not cancel a class in time, within the cancellation period of the policy that the tutor set on the platform.

For these exemplified cases, we offer the tutor the option to:
Change the validity of a package after it expires

Add hours to an expired / active package

The only thing that the tutor cannot do is to withdraw hours from the packages for the sake of student authorization. Perhaps in the future we will be able to offer this option if the student can choose to give this authorization to the tutor.

Where do I find this option?

Go to Classes ===> My students ===> Previous packages

Fig. 1. Previous (expired) packages

Then click on "Modify package". A window will appear where you can change the end date of the expired/previous package (always for the future) or add hours of lessons (we only accept a larger number than the hours already credited).

Fig. 2. Modifying a package

After changing the expiration date of the package, it will no longer expire and will be active. To add hours or schedules to classes, you must go to "Active packages". Tutors can also add hours to active packages.

Fig. 3. Active packages
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