How to create a profile that best describes you

Sometimes when creating a teacher profile you can feel unsure of where to start or how to start. We have compiled this article to guide you how to make a profile that helps you attract more students and that best derribes you. If you are interested in some insight, please keep reading.

Step 1: Fill in personal information accurately.

We advise tutors to avoid putting the last name for security reasons, so instead of using your full last name simply use the first letter.

Fig. 1. Personal Information

Step 2: Information on what you are going to teach, price and your audience.

Choose the PRIMARY subject you are going to be teaching.
The HOURLY rate you will be charging (read information above the box you'll write on)
Tick the box of the AGE GROUP you are going to be teaching (can be more than one group)

Fig. 2. Subjects > Hourly Rate > Teaching Audience

Step 3: Add Certificates, Choose what type of Tutor you are and Tick box if you can teach students with Learning Disabilities.

Add a photo or scan of any relevant CERTIFICATES that reinforce your qualification to teach the subject (s) of your choice.
Select the box which accurately describes what TYPE OF TUTOR YOU ARE.
The third part is OPTIONAL. If you can teach students with learning disabilities such as ADHD, ASD and Dyslexia please provide the information.

Fig. 3. Certificates > Type of Tutor > Teaching for Learning Disabilities

Step 4: Here you can add EXTRA subjects that you'd like to teach.

When adding EXTRA subjects, please remember to add certificates that showcase you can teach and have experience on the subject.

Fig. 4. Add extra teaching subjects

Step 5: Here you can fill out your Career and Educational experiences.

WORK EXPERIENCE : Add ALL relevant work experience, no matter how small it is. If the experience can help showcase that you can teach the subject of your choice, why not add it?
EDUCATION : Add ALL diplomas or education certificates you have obtained, it looks great on your profile!
COURSES : If you have done any EXTRACURRICULAR courses, please add them as it's a perfect way to show a broader skill set.
OTHER CERTIFICATES : If you have any other certificates you'd like to add, please do so.

Fig. 5. Experiences.

Step 6: Teaching Availability & Time Zone.

Select the TIME ZONE you are in, it is important to accurately fill this in as your upcoming class and lesson requests will be based on this.
Fill in your TEACHING AVAILABILITY as this shows your work hours and periods.

Fig. 6. Time Zone and Availability.

Step 7: Communication Access : Zoom
Add your PERSONAL LINK from Zoom here, this way you set up a means of communication with your students.

Fig. 7. Communication Access - Zoom

Step 8: The 'About Me' section

Add a PROFILE PHOTO. The photo must be of your face in a setting that is professional (like Linkedin)and the image must be clear and only of you. (images have to be lower than 5MG)
Optional VIDEO INTRODUCTION. We recommend adding this feature as it invites more positive attention to your profile! (check out examples on how to film)

Fig. 8. Profile Photo and Introduction Video

Step 9: Profile Description

HEADLINE. Write a short but impactful message that defines you. You can add quotes, personal stories or what motivates you to teach. This will be directly on your profile, so make it count!
What do you like most about teaching? This step is a great way to let students know why you enjoy teaching.
What is your teaching experience? The more detail the better! This will help students have a clearer idea of the work you have done before and what you can offer in terms of your previous experience.
Why should students choose you? This is a great introductory way to sell yourself and allow for students to see if they are compatible with what you have to offer them and what to expect from you in the future.

Note: Please check the buttons labelled example for further guidance.

Fig. 9. Profile Description

Step 10 : Business Cards

EDIT PROFILE PICTURE. Here's a chance to Edit your picture if you wish.
CAPTION. Choose the caption quote that you'd like to be displayed on your card.
CUSTOMIZE PROFILE LINK. You can edit the Link to your choice or choose the one of the 3 options above. This will be the link used to access your profile.

Note: We ask that for your personal link that you don't use your last name for security reasons.

Fig. 10. Business Card

Step 11: Review & Submit Your Application.

Please check that all fields have the correct information and accurately reflect your career experience and personality as a teacher better sending it to us.
Double check that your picture is up to standard, that your personal link is without your last name and that your qualifications and experiences are up to date and accurate.
Press Submit Profile and we will review it within 3 days.

Fig. 11. Review and Submit your Application.

Step 12: Confirmation Email.

Our team will contact you via email to confirm that we have received your application.

Fig. 12. Application Email

Congratulations you have finished the process, now all you have to do is wait for your approval!
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