How to Create a Zoom Account

Creating an account with Zoom can be incredibly beneficial for our tutors here at Tutor.Id. It's an effective way of communication between you and your students, so if you want to learn how make a Zoom account, please keep reading!

Step 1: Access the main page of Zoom in your browser and press "Sign Up, It's Free" on the right hand corner of your screen.

Fig. 1. Press 'Sign Up' on Zoom

Step 2: Insert your date of birth information for verification.

Fig. 2. Insert your date of birth for verification

Step 3: Add the email address you wish to use with your Zoom account.

Fig. 3. Add the email address of your choosing

Step 4: Go to your email address. If you don't see an email from Zoom in your main Inbox, don't forget to check the SPAM.

Fig. 4. Check your email address and don't forget to check SPAM.

Step 5: In your email, press 'Activate Account' to be taken to back to Zoom.

Fig. 5. Press 'Activate Account' to be taken to Zoom.

Step 6: Fill in your Personal Information and Press Continue.

Note: Remember to tick the box above 'Continue' if you are creating an account for a primary or secondary K-12 institution. If not, press 'Continue'.

Fig. 6. Fill in Personal Information and Press Continue

Congratulations on successfully creating your Zoom account :)

Now that you have successfully created a Zoom account, we will show you how to use your 'Personal Meeting ID' in your profile so that your students can contact you!

Step 1: Go to your 'Profile' on Zoom.

Fig. 7. Go to 'Profile' in your Zoom account

Step 2: Once you are in 'Profile' scroll down and you will see the category 'Meeting' and there you will find 'Personal Meeting ID'.

Fig. 8. Scroll down to 'Meeting' and you'll find 'Personal Meeting ID'

Step 3: Copy the link next to 'Personal Meeting ID'

Note: If you are a premium user to Zoom or would like to become one, you can update your Personal Link in 'Edit'.

Fig. 9. Copy your personal Zoom ID.

Step 4: Go back to and select "My Account"

Fig. 10. Go to 'My Account'on

Step 5: Go to the tab 'Classes' > Locations > Zoom.

Fig. 11. Go to Classes > Location > Zoom

Step 6: Paste the link you obtained from Zoom on the tab that reads "Personal Meeting ID' and press Save.

Friendly Reminder: You can make Zoom your primary platform of teaching if you wish. All you have to do is press "Set as primary".

Fig. 12. Paste 'Personal Meeting ID' link and Save.

Good job, you have successfully set up your Zoom account in
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