Connecting to Stripe is mandatory for teachers who register on Read the article Is it mandatory to connect with Stripe?
Stripe is our payment partner that helps the teacher to issue payments online and to be paid directly to their bank account .

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a global company that processes safely millions of dollars worldwide, to check if your country is supported by Stripe read this article Is my country supported by Stripe?.
Some of its customers are: Spotify, Google,, see more

Stripe has the most rigorous level of certification available in the payments industry PCI Service Provider 1. Only payment providers that use a high level of security practices achieve this certification.

What do you need to know before connecting to Stripe?

You need to have a checking account in your name

Stripe will ask for the necessary information for bank deposit ( will not have access for security reasons).

Automatic deposits to tutor's account occur between 2 to 7 days for most countries. Check your country here

Stripe's payment processing fee is 3.9% + R $ 0.50 per successful card charge - a highly competitive value in the market. By selling your classes on the platform at, you will benefit from issuing online payments safely and at the lowest rate in the market. Learn more about Stripe Pricing

How to connect Stripe?

Here is a step-by-step guide to and what to expect from this process (but EACH COUNTRY has its own rules and order of information required).

1. Access your account> Bank> Connect to Stripe

Fig. 1. Where to find Connect to Stripe

2. You will be redirected to Stripe

Fig. 2. Redirected to Stripe

3. Business details

Fig. 3. Account details

Fig. 4. Account details 2

Fig. 5. Account details 3

3.1. Select your country -> select where you are based (Is my country supported by Stripe?

3.2. Business adress/ business phone -> put your personal information

3.3. Employer identification number (EIN) or Tax ID -> enter your correpondent TAX ID number, if you have one (it's optional)

3.4. Business website (your website) -> Your website (your user link profile will be there automatically please don't change )

3.5. Your business type -> select the type of account (we recommend: “individual”)

4. Your personal details

Fig. 6. Personal details

4.1. Full name -> Legal name (full)

4.2. Phone number -> Your own phone number

4.3. Date of Birth -> Date of birth

4.3. Lasts 4 digits of your social security number or Individual National ID Number -> each country has its own policy

4.4. Address -> Your own Address

6. Credit card statement details (information on payment invoice -> is what will appear on your student's invoice)

Fig. 7. Credit card statement details

6.1. Credit Card Descriptor -> Name of your business (can be your full name, or "Professor Karen Roosileht", for example) or you can leave TUTOR.ID (you can change it later)

6.2. Support Phone Number/Adress -> Put your own phone number and mark "user business adress" for adress (this is what will appear on your customer's invoice)

7. Bank details

Fig. 8. Bank details 1

Fig. 9. Bank details 2

7.1. Routing number -> Put your bank info (vary from country to country, it can be your bank code)

7.2. Accounting number -> Put your own account number

7.3. Branch code -> Some countries ask for branch code, just fill your information according to your country policy

8. Two-Step Authentication

More details, reade this article: How to do Two-Step Authentication on Stripe

9. Create an account and authorize access to this account

Create an account with your e-mail and a password (please choose a strong one).
Then click on the button to authorize access to this account.

Any questions about payment issues, or your Stripe account?

 Please, we recommend contact directly Stripe Support as we do not have access to the teacher's financial data for security reasons.
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