Did you forgot your password? Not a problem!

Click on the link : "Help! I forgot my password!"

Fig. 1. I forgot my password!

Put your email adress so we can send you a reset link.

Fig. 2. Put your email so we can send a reset link

This is the email you will receive. Get your spambox too!

Fig. 3. Click on the buttom in the email

After clicking on the link you'll be redirected to this page. Put your new password.
Fig. 4. Reset your password

Now you can login

Fig. 4. You've changed your password!

How to change my password inside the platform

You can also change your password inside the platform. Click on my account.

Fig. 6. My account

Go to Change Password. Put your new password, confirm it and save it on the button at the end.

Fig. 7. Change your password and save it!
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