How to add availability

Go to "calendar" section and then click on "add availability" as seen in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. Where can I add availability?

Then, choose the details of your availabilities like the example shown in the Fig. 2. If you want to, select "Repeat" selection box to choose the days of the week that your are free on the same time.

Fig.2. Availability Settings and Options

When you click on the availability time on calendar, these options will appear (as shown in Fig. 3.):

Edit availability - And you can edit changes on your availability as shown in Fig. 4.;
Delete availability - And you can choose delete options as shown in Fig. 5.;
Close - you can close this option box;

Fig. 3. Options after creating availability

If you choose to edit your availability, you can change the details in one or in every availability that have been created before with this timeset.

Fig. 4. Editing your availability

If you choose to delete your availability, these delete options will appear:

For this availability event only - Select this and only the availability of the day you have selected at first you'll be deleted;

For all future availabiliy events - This will delete all of the availabilities on the same timeset that were created and will happen after the day you have chosen;

All availabilities events - it will delete all of the availabilities on the same timeset;

Fig. 5. Delete options

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