One way to share your profile is through card functionality!

What is the card?

Card is the way you can post your profile link as if it were a business card with your photo customized by Tutor.i

How can I do this?
It's simple! Go to your "Profile" and click on "View public profile". Or Click on your photo and choose "My public profile".

Fig. 1. How to go to you public profile

In your profile, copy the URL next to your name. It is important that it is personalized, it helps make your page more authentic. Don't know how to modify your url? Access: How to change my nickname/url link

Fig. 2. Copy your URL

After copying the code, share it on your Facebook, for example, and it will create an image of you with a layout.

Fig. 3.Share you URL on your social midia!

You can also create content about education, your lessons, your work environment, the subjects you teach and post on social networks with the hashtag #tutorid and your profile link attached.
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