Signing up is easy and fast

When accessing the page , click on register

Fig. 1. Sign up

Sign up with your Facebook or fill in with your email and choose a password (at least 8 characters)

Fig. 2. Email and password

Fill in your basic information:
Phone number
Date of birth
Choose between Student or Teacher account
Choose your local currency

Fig. 3. Personal info - 1

Also check if you agree with the Terms and Conditions, as well as allow to receive our emails.

Fig. 4. Personal info - 2

Congratulations! You have created your account!

Fig. 5. Starting registration

Adding information about classes

Here you start to fill in the information for your classes. Select the subject you teach: English or Others. If you choose English, you MUST upload a certificate (PDF only, until 5MB)

Fig. 6. What do you teach?

In the case of others, fill in the discipline correctly (if it does not exist in the database, it can be added). Also fill in the audience for your classes and the type of teacher you are.

Fig. 7. Other Tutor info

Select the value for your hour / class

Fig. 8. Hourly Fee

Fill in with relevant information about yourself that will appear on your profile. You can follow the suggested text as a basis.

Fig. 9. About you

Select if you are certified to work with people with special needs

Fig. 10. Are you inclusive?

Select your availability. It can be configured later also at: How to set up my availability?

Fig. 11. Choose your availability

Add your skype name. Classes will not necessarily be held there, it is another suggestion from us for an online environment. You can use the zoom or the platform of your choice (See more at: How can I set up my class locations? )

Fig. 12. Add your skype ID

Upload a photo of yourself. Give preference to sharp, professional photos in which your features are easily recognized. Avoid blurs and filters.

Fig. 13. Upload a picture of you

Congratulations, The first step in having your profile public has been taken! Follow the rest of the script at: (How to appear on the public search?)

Fig. 14. Registration with basic information completed
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