If you are a Premium or Lite tutor subscriber, then you can sync your Google Calendar with your Tutor.id Calendar. Those subscribers can have the 2 way synchronization. It means that they can export Tutor.id calendar events to their GC and import their GC events to their Tutor.id calendar.

Free users can only export their Tutor.id events to their Google Calendar.

What are the advantages of GC Sync?

That's great because you can:
Sync events to add unavailabilities (as long as they're on your main calendar and on "busy mode") - those events won't be seen by your students, they'll only be able to see availabilities
Manage all your students (even the ones that aren't in Tutor.id)
Keep your schedule updated

To synchronize with Google you can go to your Calendar page and then choose to "Sign in with Google", as you can see in Figures 1 and 3,

Fig. 1. Start synchronization through your calendar page

Do you wanna know more information about your calendar page? Check it out here on figure 2.

Fig. 2. Details and info of your calendar page

If you're not sure, you can choose "never mind".
Fig. 3. Do you want to sync?

You can also sync with Google in "my account" page.
Fig. 4. Sync through the "my account" page

When you choose to sign in with Google, you'll be redirected to this page where you can choose to which account you want to sync with.

Fig. 5. Choose your Google account

Then you'll need to give Tutor.id permissions to access your data in order to sync.
Fig. 6. Allow Tutor.id to have access to your Google Calendar data

If you want to refresh your events or if you want to de-sync, you can go to your "Calendar" page and choose to desync with Google anytime.
Fig. 7. You can de-sync anytime

Just to highlight again: Students won't be able to see your events. They'll only see your avaiabilities as you can see in figure 6.

Fig. 6. How it looks when students book lessons
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