The Dashboard complete feature is Exclusive to Premium Subscribers and Lite Subscribers that allows the tutor to analyze data about their profile, income, bookings and more!

To find your Dashboard, log into your account and select "Dashboard" as shown in the figure below. There, you can choose to view your data on monthly, weekly, or daily intervals.

Fig. 1. Where is my dashboard?

The first chart shows the total number of booking per day for the previous month and the current month, you can see them distributed by day. It is also the only chart that updates daily. The first part also shows the next birthdays saved in your contacts whenever they're near.

The Profile interactions over time chart displays 3 different metrics:
Number of Profile Views
Number of bookings started
Number of bookings completed (confirmed)

On the right side, a card shows the comparison in percentage (%) of the rate of profile views when compared to the previous period. We can also ascertain your income in your currency from the last closed period and the growth of that income over the past two periods.

The conversion rate calculates the relationship between the number of completed lessons and the number of total views in the selected period.

Fig. 2. Interaticions over time

The Income over time chart calculates the gain over the analyzed period.
The graph of the number of students counts the total active students (with active packages, courses or individual lessons) over the selected period of time. It also shows the total number of students active in the current period and analyzes the growth in the number of students in relation to the last two periods.

Fig. 3. Income over time chart

The latest information shows the number of cancellations (Overview of Cancellations), made by students or by you. Also the Cancellation rate calculates the relationship between the total canceled appointments in relation to confirmed appointments. The last chart shows the total number of cancellations over time (Cancellations over time), using two different colors to account for tutor and student cancellations.

Fig. 4. Cancellations info charts
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