When the student buys lesson packages, courses or individual lessons, the tutor has at his disposal a pedagogical control of classes within the platform, where it is possible to:

Register student presence in class;
Assess the student after class;
Plan the next lessons based on the last lesson given and where it left off in the content;
Be evaluated by the student after every lesson (confirmed);

But how can we set up this? Now, it is very easy! First go to "Classes" and "My Students". Here will appear the list of students with and without active packages, who are saved as contacts in their profile. For students with active packages, information such as:

Fig. 1. Where to find Student's tab?

Only students with active packages can have their forms accessed and classes planned. Click on "Prepare Lesson".

Fig. 2. Student's file

In the student file will be the options "View lesson" for the past lesson, "Prepare lesson" for the next class, the "Lessons history" with days and times of all confirmed schedules. When clicking on any of those, you could see even previous lessons using the arrows buttons (Prev and Next).

It is also possible to know all the materials that the student has access to, referring to the lessons given.

Fig. 3. "Prepare lesson 1" of "View lesson"

When clicking on "View lesson" or "Prepare lesson", the fields that will appear will be the same:
Lesson content
Add media
Keep track of your student ( where the student's presence is placed )
Where did the lesson stop?
My notes

Fig. 4. "Prepare lesson 2"

After the confirmed lesson is concluded the student will receive an email to evaluate the tutor. The notes are: good (full heart) and not so good (broken heart). The more hearts the tutor has, the better his rank in the public search. And the lessons given are counted in the bank of hours, which appear in the tutor's profile. See more in How to appear in the public search

Writing down where the lesson ended helps the tutor and the student to follow up. We suggest that you make this section visible to your student as well. Your notes can be private and help you manage each student.
You can change their presence/absence of previous lessons at anytime after lessons has ended. Do not forget to save it.

Fig. 5. Managing your student's presence

You can also choose to see how the student (helps after choosing the visible fields or not). This will check which topics should be interesting to be shown and how they appear to the student.

Fig. 6. Choosing visibility of contents
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