In order to increase security in financial transactions, identity verification is an useful tool of KYC - Know your Customer Policy. It allows to verify your identity and check if your inputed data is related, decreasing fraud risks.

This practice has become common in financial means, as digital banks and payment platforms. The user must upload a photo of his ID document and then the platform should approve it. Each country has its own policy, the user must verify which documents will be accepted.

Forms of Identification accepted in many countries :

Original ID National Card (back and front scan)
Original Driver's License (back and front scan)
Original Passport
Resident Permit ID or Visa Card (for foreigners)

To check the complete list, access Identity Verification

Archives' Quality:

The photo must be clear, avoiding blurs. Must be colored and with all legible information (name, date of birth, identification number) in order to be recognized by the program. The entire document must appear in the photo (ensure that all borders appear). If the document is scanned, try to center it as much as possible and scan it with a sheet of paper to avoid transparencies. In the case of a passport, do your best to ensure that the barcode is properly framed.

Archives' Format:

Preferencial formats are: JPG, PNG and PDF, with less than 10 MB, clear and colored image. Avoid shadows and reflections on the document. The ID document must be uptaded, that is, the expiration date and the photo must correspond to the current moment.

Common mistakes:

A common mistake happens when the identified data in the document does not correspond to user registration, so, make sure to complete your registration with completed and uptaded data, without typos, in order to successfully verify your ID. Do not resubmit files that failed previously, duplicate uploads trigger an error and will not be rechecked.

This verification will be necessary to all Stripe users

Any problems with this step, we suggest you to contact Stripe's Customer Support.
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