We are bringing our community the new and improved 'Discovery Lesson'. We are happy to introduce you to Lesson 1, the perfect 'break the ice' lesson between tutor and student. The purpose of Lesson 1 is to connect students with the right tutor for them. Tutor.id understands that a big part of succeeding academically is connecting with your tutor by feeling comfortable and confident in the teaching environment they create for you, which is why Lesson 1 allows students to get to know the tutor of their choice and their teaching methodology before choosing to commit to long term lessons. After all, we want you to find a tutor who you know can help you achieve your goals. Let's go learn a bit more about Lesson 1...

Lesson 1, what's new?

Lesson 1 now costs 5.00 USD and 20.00 BRL.

Students are no longer charged the Stripe fee. How does that work?

Example: Julia paid 20.00 BRL for Lesson 1, the money arrives to Tutor.id as 18.72 after the Stripe tax. The remaining price of 18.72 is then split 50% to Tutor.id and 50% to the tutor (9,36 each) .

The lesson has the duration of 30 minutes.

Students are only charged for the Lesson 1 after the lesson takes place.

Tutors should make the most out of this paid opportunity to explain their teaching methods and sell their services.

How does Lesson 1 work?


Students will search for a tutor that can teach them the subject of their choice on our 'Discovery Page'. Once they find a tutor that they would like to try Lesson 1 with, the student will access the tutors public profile and start the booking process for Lesson 1. Things you'll need to book the lesson;

Choose a date and time for Lesson 1 according to the tutor's teaching availability.

Provide the bank card information to pay for Lesson 1.

Explain what your leaning objectives and personal goals are for the subject.

Make sure you have an account with Tutor.id before realizing booking (optional but recommended.)

Choose the subject you'd like to learn.

Add your email and preferred notification method.

Send booking request and keep an eye on your email for when your tutor confirms your Lesson 1 request.


The tutors responsibilities with the Lesson 1 are simple, all you need to do is;

Choose if you would like to offer a Lesson 1 on your public profile.

Make sure your teaching availability is updated.

Update your booking policy to what suits you best.

Make sure to keep check the platform and avoid letting Lesson 1 booking requests expire.

Create a plan for the lesson.

Note: The tutor can also cancel the lesson or reschedule it. We strongly advise you to reschedule within the period until 5 days right after the request was made in order to payment to be correctly processed.

What happens to the payment if the lesson request expires or is cancelled?

In the case that the tutor lets the Lesson 1 request expire or cancel, you don't have to worry. The payment is not processed until the lesson takes place, meaning that if the Lesson 1 does not go through, the student will receive the payment back. This allows the student to book with another tutor if they wish and ensures that the student is only paying if the lesson is happening. However, if the Lesson 1 is confirmed and one of the parties claims that the lesson did not happen our team will have to investigate the situation in order to consider the refund. Our team cares, which is why we make sure to investigate all details before moving forward.

Things to remember;

Tutors have 48hours to confirm a booking request before it expires.

If the Lesson 1 request is scheduled for the same day as the lesson, the tutor has to until 1 hour before the lesson to confirm the request.

Payments are only processed after Lesson 1 happens.

Make sure credit cards used are okay and up to date.

Make sure booking date and time aligns with your and the tutors schedules to avoid cancellations.

What tutors should think about before the Lesson 1?

Lesson 1 is a paid opportunity for our tutors to increase their chances to sell their packages, courses and single lessons. This is a space where you can show the student what you have to offer in terms of your teaching methodology, your knowledge and whatever else you can bring to the table. This is an important first meeting for both student and tutor, to find out whether or not they are academically compatible. Here are some tips that could help you use your Lesson to it's full potential;

Show the student materials that you think will interest them and give insight to what you offer in long term lessons.

Provide exercises that you can do with them. This helps the student understand your teaching approach better.

Ask and understand the learning objectives the student has for themselves.

Ask them the reason they would like to learn the subject and what aspects of it do they struggle with.

After the lesson offer options for packages and courses. This is the selling point, how can you show them that further lessons with you would benefit them?

Create a Lesson 1 structure to go in prepared.

Introduce yourself and let them know a bit about you.

Now that we've caught you up to date with our Lesson 1, are you ready to go check it out for yourself? Let's go learn something new!!!!!

You want to know how to book a Lesson 1? We have the perfect article for you;

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