Tutor.id Messaging is here!

How can I access it?

If you are logged in to the platform, just click on the envelope icon in the navigation bar, as shown in figure 1.

Fig. 1. Access the chat by clicking on the envelope icon

If you are a student logged into the platform, you can also access the Messaging system via the "Chat with [Tutor's name]" button present in the tutor profile, as shown in figure 2. Students can start conversations and have their questions and concerns clarified with the tutor, without the need for the Discovery Lesson.

Fig. 2. Where to click to speak to the tutor on your public profile

How does the Messaging system work?

After accessing the Messaging system, you can chat with all your contacts in your Contacts list. Only students can initiate conversations with tutors in the public search. After the student sends the first message, he / she will be added to the Contacts list of the tutor.

Messages can be up to 300 characters each and must obey the policy contained in our Terms of Service, that is, be polite and avoid inappropriate subjects.

Fig. 3. How the chat works

Fig. 4. Example of an expected conversation

If someone sends me an inappropriate message, what can I do?

If a user does not behave according to our Chat Policy, you have two options:
Immediately block the user
Report the conversation / user (this also blocks the conversation) to our Operations Team

To do this, just click on the three dots next to the name and photo of the person you are chatting with and choose your option. Our team will be attentive to any of these actions to take action.

Fig. 5.  Where and how to report a conversation


1. Can I send a message to potential students?
You can send messages to any user in your contact list. This includes, former and current students, users who have contacted you in the past, and students whom you have invited to Tutor.id.

2. Who can send me messages via Tutor.id?
Only users with verified accounts who are interested in your tutoring services can initiated a conversation with you from your tutor profile.

3. Do I have to answer all messages?
Tutor.id expects you to reply to potential and interested students as quickly as you can. Introducing yourself and discussing your services directly in the messaging system greatly increases your chances to acquire and convert users into new students. One of the best trust-building elements in your profile is your response rate and response time to new messages (which will show up after a while). This shows students that you are active, interested and available to tutor.

4. Do I get notified about new messages?
If you have not responded to a new message within 15 minutes, you’ll receive a notification email. You’ll receive notification emails only for new messages within a 24-hour period. For example, if a potential student sends you 3 messages, you’ll be notified of the first message only if you haven’t responded within 15 minutes. If the same student sends you another message 2 days later, you’ll be notified again.

5. What happens if users or students abuse the messaging system?
If you feel uncomfortable with any message sent by a new user or existing student, you are able to BLOCK or REPORT the conversation to the Tutor.id Operations Team, which will fully investigate the issue and possibly deactivate and ban the perpetrating user.

6. What is forbidden to do with the messaging system?
We ask you to not share your email or phone number or any other link/adress outside the platform. Please keep your conversation inside the platform or we may block tutors from the discovery page. We also ask you to not do any kind of marketing of other products or companies or we may have to block the user as well.
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