Tutor.id does not issue full refunds

According to our policy, we do not issue full refunds to all case scenarios. Students have to agree with that before purchasing a lesson package.
The unused hours of the packages shall be negotiated between the tutor and the student and may result in an extension of the validity of the package or a refund to the student made by the tutor himself, outside Stripe platform. We are happy to extend package validity upon agreement with the tutor.

Tutor.id does not refund the service fee

We do not charge tutors for students that sign up through their invitation link. All of the other cases, we won't refund the service fee.
That's why we ask tutors to explain that to their students and be sure that they'll follow the protocol. We can't and we won't refund tutors for the service fee charged if someone got it wrong. We cannot be sure that the student was really a former student before signup so we are not obligated to refund that fee.

For more information about the service fee, check the article: How does Tutor.id's fee work?

Tutor.id does not refund the payment processing fee

In order to automate your payments the transaction fee is charged to the student. So the value that they'll pay is: t**he hourly price of the tutor + the Stripe's fee**. When a student makes a purchase, they'll have to agree to our terms and conditions and the Stripe's fee won't be refunded.

Extreme scenarios

We are aware that some emergencies and mistakes may happen, If that's the case, please contact our support that your case will be analysed and then processed as it should be. Each case has its own issues and we shall discuss if the refund must or must not be issued.
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