Step 1: Profile Photo.

Make sure the photo is clear, avoid blurs. We want your students to be able to see you clearly.
Professional Setting (Ex: Linkedin)
Only you must be in the photo.
The picture shouldn't be of your FULL BODY.
Photo must be lower than 5MG.
The pictures must NOT be of a drawing / cartoon animation.

Fig. 1. Profile Photo.

Step 2: Education and Work Experience.

WORK EXPERIENCE : Add ALL relevant work experience, no matter how small it is. It helps your students know you and your work before becoming a tutor with us!
EDUCATION : Add ALL diplomas or education certificates you have obtained, it looks great on your profile!

Note: Adding diplomas and certificates helps us and your future students knows know that you are qualified to teach the subject of your choice.

Fig. 2. Education and Work Experience.

Step 3: Personal Link.

CUSTOMIZE PROFILE LINK. You can edit the URL to your choice or choose the one of the 3 options above. This will be the link used to access your profile.

We'd like to avoid situations where someone can easily find you outside of the platform and potentially harass you. In order to stay safe, avoid using your last name and use this opportunity to have a creative name for your URL.

We ask that your LAST NAME isn't included because of security reasons.

Fig.3.  URL

Tip: Video Introduction.

Not having a introduction video won't interfere with getting your profile approved. It is an optional feature we recommend because of the following benefits;

The video serves as a quick introduction for new students about you, what you do and why you want to teach.
Seeing you speak can bring comfort and familiarity to users which helps you sell your lessons.
The video brings the profile together, allowing for a visual and auditory experience.

If you want to add this feature and highlight your profile, this is all you need;

The video needs to be 2 minutes or under.
Filming it it 'Horizontal-Mode allows for a better video quality.
Background of video can either be blank or in a professional setting that represents you.
Green screen backgrounds also allowed.

Fig. 4. Video Introduction
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