Our platform acts as a Marketplace for tutors to advertise their classes, packages and be found by students. We facilitate scheduling classes and payments.

But before I register, what do I need to know?

If you want to be a tutor on the platform

Be over 21 years old
Decide which subjects to teach
Have certificates or diplomas that justify your knowledge in the area
Decide how much to charge per hour / class (depends on area of ​​knowledge, experience, region average)
Have a checking account to receive payments (see article: How to receive online payments?)
Have a lesson plan or materials to be made available
Own a computer with camera, or web cam and microphone
Check if the country or region you live in is supported by Stripe (see article: Is my country supported by Stripe?)

If you want to register as a student

Decide which subjects you want to learn
Have credit card and checking account
Be of legal age? (1)
Check if the country or region you live in has Stripe support (see article quoted in the previous topic)

(1) If the student is a minor, the parent or guardian must open and administer the account for him.

Is registration free?

Yes, registration is free for both students and teachers.

Tutors must complete the profile and then submit it for approval. Once approved, the profile will become public and can be found by students.

To find out what fees are involved, visit: How much does Tutor.id charge per service?

To learn how to sign up: How Tutors can Sign Up on Tutor.id?
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