What are the Tutor.id subscriptions and what do they offer?

Our subscriptions here at Tutor.id offer our tutors a plan that is best for them and their teaching needs. It is our goal to provide our tutors with options that can make their time teaching easier and better! So, what are your options?

Free / Lite / or Premium Subscription.

Free Subscription:

Marketplace fee 20%

The service fee per invited student is 10%.

Total storage space for lesson materials is 50MB.

One-way Google calendar synchronization.

Booking availability is not customizable; policies are set as the default options and cannot be changed

Lite Subscription ($15,90 / $150,00 Annual billing):

Marketplace fee 18%

The service fee per invited student is 8%.

Total storage space for lesson materials is 200MB.

Priority on customer support.

Two-way Google calendar synchronization

The dashboard is available.

The booking policy has all options available.

Premium Subscription ($35,90 / $358,80 Annual billing):

The marketplace fee is 15%.

The service charge per guest student is 5%.

Total storage space for class materials is 500 MB + Integration.

Priority in customer support.

Tutors can be used for ads.

Default packages can be removed.

Two-way Google calendar sync.

The dashboard is available.

A política de reserva tem todas as opções disponíveis.

And did you know that with or without a subscription you will still have access to the following perks:

Unlimited courses (support for the group)
Unlimited custom lesson package (hours, expiry date, installments)
Unlimited custom discount coupons for your own marketing campaigns.
Personal profile with custom URL.
Student progress tracking files with lessons history..
Virtual classroom (invited and marketplace students).
Customer support.

So, now that you know all about our subscription, how about finding the perfect plan for you and joining us here at Tutor.id to create a new and complete teaching experience for you and your future students.

It's your time to decide if you'd like to invest in your teaching career!
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