Tutor.id wants to talk to you about our Policies and Terms of Use.

We value our community of tutors and students here at Tutor.id, but most importantly we value the safety of everyone who is part of this community. We trust that our tutors and students have good sense when dealing with each other and with how they use the platform. Still, we would like to bring some friendly reminders about our policies and terms of use for our new and old friends here at Tutor.id.

We ask that our community follows these policies because of the privacy and safety of both parties. When not following these four policies, both parties open up the possibility of the tutor and student communicating outside of the platform and we cannot monitor these conversations which could be dangerous and lead to problems our team cannot control. We know that our tutors are trustworthy but we have a high volume of tutors and students and we cannot control what happens when those people speak outside of Tutor.id which means that if something happens and help is needed we will not have the access to the information that could help. So, we ask that your:

External links (social media & other platforms) :

We understand that many of our tutors have businesses outside and offer a range of professional activities that they value and want to expand into something bigger. We love that our tutors explore many different creative endeavours and offer unique pieces of work. Our team will always encourage this and help tutors when they can to bring visibility to their work outside of the platform. However, it is in our policy that no external links and mentions of outside work are displayed on the tutors public profile.

Introduction video & Profile Descriptions do not contain links or mentions of: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or other social media platforms.

Note: Using pictures of the Tutor.id logo as your profile picture goes against our Policies and Terms of Use. This can be seen as someone impersonating Tutor.id's company. We ask that tutors do not have this in any external social media accounts like the ones listed above.
Fig. 1. Introduction Video Example

Fig. 2. About Me Section Example (No Links or Mentions)

Communication between tutor and student:

We have the chat option in our platform so that tutors and students have an easier time getting in contact with each other to talk about their lesson objectives, agreed lesson times and simply just to communicate about the things they need in terms of lessons. The chat is a safe and easy place for conversations to occur and as part of our policy we ask that ALL communication is done through the Tutor.id chat. These conversations can be monitored for the safety of both parties in the case of any problems. Plus, it's easy to access along with all the other tools you'll use in the platform. To remember:

Keep conversations between tutors and students ONLY in the tutor chat.

Do not send phone numbers or external links on the chat.

Create the habit of using the chat to share information.

Fig. 3. Tutor.id Chat

Fig. 4.  Tutor.id customer service chat for support

Lesson materials:

When sending lesson materials to students, we ask tutors to avoid doing it outside the platform through Skype or Zoom just before the lesson. Our platform has a tool where tutors can plan their individual lessons with notes, materials, progress and more. The planner was designed to help tutors manage their students lessons. It also makes it easy for tutors and students to access information about their academic progress from previous and current lessons. The planner allows for students and tutors to spend less time looking for information and more time just focusing on teaching and learning.

You can upload materials onto the planner or in the section called 'Material's'

If files are too big, you can upload it via: Google Drive link, Dropbox (site), Wetransfer (site)

Fig. 5. Student Planner Option 1 / Classes ==> My Students ==> Student Name

Fig. 6. Students Planner Option 2 /Calendar ==> Date of Lesson ==> Click on Lesson

The space to upload materials changes with subscription:

Free: 20 MB
Lite: 50 MB
Premium: 150 MB

Fig. 7. Upload Materials Section

Note: External links like the ones mentioned above align with our policy as they are used for teaching materials.

Invited students and payments:

Tutor.id holds no responsibility over the billing management and relationship management of students invited by tutors to the platform. In case of payment failures, our platform will send automatic reminders but it is not our customer service's responsibility or priority to make sure that invited students are following through with payments agreed between tutor and student. Tutors will be able to see in their 'Bank' section how much the payments should be and when they should be made by filtering the bank statement to 'Cash'. However it's the tutors responsibility to manage their invited students and any payment troubles.

Fig. 8. Bank ===> Statement ===> Filter to 'Cash'

Note: If you do not manage to sort out certain payments issues after trying all your options, you can warn our team about issue and they will see what they can do to help. This is only for more delicate or unresponsive situations.

Now that we've caught you up with our important Policies and Terms of Use, we hope that you'll set the example and align with our community to make sure we are growing together and as a platform whilst keeping everyone safe.
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