If your country is not supported by Stripe (check the list: Is my country supported by Stripe?), we recommend that you open a digital account in a country supported by Stripe as USA. One of the options is to create a Free Bordeless account on Transferwise.

What is TransferWise?
TransferWise is a payment platform, very similar to PayPal that allows you to create an account in another country, even if you don't live there. When you open a TransferWise account, you may use it to open a Stripe account, even if your country is not currently supported by Stripe. In short, you can open a Stripe account using information from your TransferWise account.

Do you want to know more about TransferWise's Free Borderless Account? Read more about it here.

Can I open TransferWise account for my company or business?
Yes, you may open a company/business Borderless Account with TransferWise using your business registration number and/or tax identification number assigned to your company in your country. You may also open a personal account. However, as a freelancer on Tutor.id, we recommend a company or business account.

So, what should I do?
Create a Free Borderless Account based in a country in Stripe's List (i.e. USA) and then register this account on Stripe as explained in this article: How to connect to Stripe in 10 steps:
If you're having problems connecting to Stripe, also check this article: Can't connect to Stripe?
When you receive payments from Stripe, they'll go directly to this account. You can then transfer your earnings to your own bank account in your own country.

This is just a tip for those who wish to use our platform but cannot connect to Stripe due to country restrictions.
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