What is a Discovery Lesson on Tutor.id?

The "discovery lesson" is the first opportunity for contact between the student and the tutor. When a student wants to meet a tutor before buying a lesson package, he or she usually schedules a demonstration class to meet the tutor and assess whether he offers what he is looking for.
Given this, this initial interview is the chance for the tutor to advertise his private lessons business to the student.

What Topics Should I Address?

A Facebook search was carried out on what would be the first issues to be addressed in an initial contact between student and tutor. According to the result of the survey and other considerations, what should be addressed in the interview is suggested in this list (whose order is the tutor's total choice):

Introduce yourself and talk about your experience in classes, specialties
Align expectations with the student
Understand the main doubts and problems of the student regarding the subject to be studied
Draw up a proposal study plan for the student
Define chosen platform for classes
Present your lesson packages / prices
Present your support material / teaching method
Solve a demonstration exercise to exemplify your teaching method
Summarize achievements and present testimonials from alumni

This conversation is crucial to do personal marketing of your brand. Plan ahead to make sure you’re going to cover everything you want in a way that makes all the points with the "future student" as clear as possible.

How long should the interview last?

Tutor.id offers two options for the duration of the initial interview: 30 minutes or 1 hour. Do your planning beforehand and mark the time it took to clarify the points you consider most important. Remember that the class will also help you evaluate the student, so if by any chance you understand that there is a conflict of interest or that your methods don't fit the student's needs / expectations, don't hesitate to decline the offer .

The main thing in the interview is the alignment of expectations. If there is no agreement, it is best to end the matter. Going forward will only frustrate the student and the tutor, and it won't do your business any good to have a dissatisfied customer, right?

Also remember that a complete profile (completely filled in) and of course is what leads a new student to choose to schedule an interview, keep your profile complete and always updated to be found on the search page.

What should I do if I don't want to offer a discovery lesson?
How to stop offering Discovery Lesson in my profile
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