The animation below shows you how to activate the cash payment.

However, if you give classes online, we do not allow students to schedule classes online with cash payments for safety.

Only you, within the platform, can create cash schedules for your students online (go to Calendar > + > Scheduling and there you can create a schedule of online classes for your student money).

It is more inconvenient for the teacher, but it is safer - the teacher is aware that he is risking not being paid, or having the stress of collection.

However, if you prefer that your students book themselves, it is more convenient to use card payments.

Just connect to Stripe, and you will receive your payments directly into your bank account.

The benefit:

✅ You will no longer have to charge your student, and if he / she cancels the class in violation of your cancellation policies (example: cancellation 15 mins before class), the tuition will be paid for 100%.

If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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