Scheduler & Calendar

  1. What makes our scheduler so special?
  2. Benefits of synchronizing Calendar with Google Calendar
  3. What can I learn on
  4. I want tutors who are available only online, can I find one?
  5. When I sync my Calendar with Google Calendar, will my appointments be viewed on the public calendar?
  6. What is the meaning of the dots on tutor's schedule?
  7. What do colors indicate on the calendar?
  8. Can I create schedules through Google Calendar and manage it on

Public Search

  1. How can I find tutors?


  1. Can I add/remove contacts to/from my profile?
  2. How will I make sure that the tutor is good enough?
  3. Where can I see my recommendations that I have given before? 
  4. How does's Rating & Recommendation system work?
  5. Which accounts can I connect to my profile?


  1. Can I book lessons for my students on the platform, or will they have to book from m profile?
  2. How can I report my tutor?
  3. Where can I write my tutor?
  4. How long will a lesson take?
  5. How can I book a lesson?
  6. Can I be in a group class?
  7. Do I have to leave home for my tutoring lessons?
  8. What is the advantage of inviting my students to the platform?
  9. How can I check my lesson content?


  1. Can I get a refund?
  2. How does paying for lessons work?
  3. How can I add my credit/bank card information?
  4. Where can I keep track of all financial transactions?
  5. How can I pay for tutoring lessons?
  6. How much will I pay for a tutoring lesson?
  7. How to activate the cash payment function?
  8. How online payments work on
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