Choosing the right tutor is not simple, you need to talk to a few tutors before making a decision.  For this reason we're introducing: demo lessons!

You can meet different tutors of all subjects at reduced cost and pick the one you liked the most. Once you find the best tutor, the next step will be purchasing the most suitable lessons package.

Not sure which tutor to choose? Try demo lessons first!

By purchasing a demo lesson package (see different packages here) you will be able to book a demo lesson with different tutors (of different pricing) across the platform at reduced cost (from $15 to $18.33 per lesson).

Here are some questions you may have about the demo lessons package:

1. Why are the demo lessons paid?

Because tutors deserve to get paid for their time. Charging a symbolic rate for demo lessons also increases the student commitment and there are less cancellations or no-shows. Feels good to be part of a platform that takes good care of tutors, right?  

2. What to expect from a demo lesson? 

Expect to sync with your tutor your needs and learning goals, so they can assess the length and frequency of your learning sessions.

You can also talk about methodologies, homework & etc.

3. How long is a demo lesson? 

Your demo lesson can be 30 mins or 1 hour - it depends on your tutor's choice. Some tutors can give great demo lessons in 30 mins, some prefer taking their time and leaving the full hour to pamper their soon-to-be student!

4. When demo lesson credits expire? 

If you don't schedule your demo lessons in 6 months from the purchase date, your credits will expire. Make sure to book before!

5. Do I need to buy a demo lessons package before buying a lesson package from a specific tutor? 

No! You can acquire a lesson package from a tutor without having previously scheduled a demo lesson with them. It is entirely up to you.

6. If I don't find the best tutor for myself - can I have my money back?

We don't refund students who did not find the best tutor, however, please contact our team ( and we will assist you to find a better fit free of charge.

Found your tutor? It is time to choose the best lesson plan!

We strongly recommend you to get the advise from your tutor what is the best lesson package for you to achieve your goals!

Once that happens, all you need to do is to access your tutor's page and purchase the packages from there.

Here are some questions you may have about the lesson packages on your tutor's page:

1. Why are the lesson packages have different pricing for different tutors?

Because we empower tutors to charge what they judge to be a fair fee for their hour. Tutors charge based on their qualifications and experience in teaching.

We help tutors to create lessons packages by generating fair, but attractive discounts for you to purchase a package of lessons.

2. Why I cannot purchase single lessons?

Because we believe a single lesson does not provide the value you need to learn something. We have consulted with many tutors from several subjects and it is proven that students who do not commit for a sets of lessons end up not continuing their studies.

3. How do I schedule my lessons right after purchasing the package?

After purchasing your lessons, we highly recommend you to make your schedule your lessons to guarantee you will have the most suitable times for you.

Right after the checkout, you will be able to book your lessons using our scheduler.

4. How many times can I reschedule after defining my lesson times?

Depending on the tutors policy, you can reschedule up to 3 lessons per month.

5. I decided to stop studying and I have lessons left. Can I have my money back?

There is no money back after purchasing the lessons package, however please let us know if the reason you stopped your studies is related to misconduct of your tutor. In this case we will investigate and judge whether it is case of reimbursement or not. 

Should you have any additional questions, please contact our team at or at the in-app chat!

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